I can't believe Christmas is almos upon us!!  And I am a complete Christmas freak!  I LOVE IT!!  All the festive music, the decorations, and the summer weather, not even mentioning the feeling of holiday season that is hanging in the air!


My fondest memory of Christmas was around the age of 4/5.  We had a chimney in the house but it was closed up.  The night before Christmas, with the tree and the lights and Father Christmas's cookies and milk set aside, my mom and dad wanted me to go to bed.  I was concerned, because how was he going to get down the chimney if it is closed up.  They told me that they will keep the front door open for him.  I went to bed very content to know that he would be able to come inside the house.  The next morning my dad put balls of cotton wool from the front door to the tree and had some of the cookies and milk.  When I woke up and saw this I freaked out with joy.  I could see that Father Christmas came in through the door, and he even lost some of the "wool" from his shoes!!!  Wow, it still makes me happy to think about it (even though I know today it was my mom and dad) but it is still great to believe!!


I bought my Christmas decorations early (red and white is the theme for this year, inspired by the beautifull perspex cutlery my husband bought me and my red and white Masai blanket)  I really had to control myself not setting up the Christmas tree before my hubby's birthday (30th of November) so the tree went up on the first of December while listening to classic old Bony M!  Yes, I bought the CD much to the dismay of some of my friends, but what is Christmas without a good old Bony M song???  I even have a teeny little christmas tree that has teeny little lights in them. (Maybe I should put some teeny little presents under them - for the faeries who live in the kitchen)

Yes, Christmas is the time to be jolly, but for now, up until Christmas I am busy-busy-busy!!  I found this image on the internet of this little Christmas elf with his adidas shoes.  I hope he visits me soon so that he can help me out, or maybe I should get some super red adidas shoes.....hhhmmm, one more pressie for under the tree!!





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